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PolyBoard is an interactive cabinet design and manufacturing software based on a powerful methodological concept. PolyBoard supports cabinet tree structure, dynamic material styles and fabrication method lists, and recalculates cabinets in real time.

As you edit, PolyBoard redraws the hull in 2D and 3D, recalculating the cut list and tools in relation to:

– Dimensions of the wardrobe, including slopes and exits.

– Dispensing structure (racks and shelves), doors and drawers.

– Manufacture method: side trowel, top trowel or miter, overlay, groove or back groove, recesses, overlaps, fasteners, conventional drilling groups (type 32), etc.

– Material, edges and frame style of each component of the box.

– PolyBoard supports parametric selection links and edits the global hardware summary, as well as the tool map (holes and slots) for each of the chassis components.

– The PolyBoards Post_Processing export function is compatible with most CNC machines.

2D 3D views:

– PolyBoard shows three 2D views of the cabinet (front, top and side) and a 3D representation in relation to colors and material textures.

– PolyBoard’s built-in 3D feature offers several predefined views and various scale and rotate tools to help you customize your desired 3D look.

– PolyBoard also provides a DXF 3D_Face export function compatible with most CAD software such as AutoCad, VectorWorks, KitchenDraw, etc.

Disassembly and unpacking:

With PolyBoard you can design:

– Front tilt cabinets, up to 3 different angles when viewed from the front.

– Side inclined cabinets.

– Rear left or right behind cabinets without drawer.

Clipping lists:

PolyBoard cabinet cladding lists are recalculated in real time, taking into account the specified materials, possible oversized dimensions and veneer edge thickness.

Cut lists are exported in OptiCut format as well as in text format,compatible with most spreadsheets and slicing optimization software.

Material styles:

PolyBoard maintains a dynamic list of material styles: a material style associates different materials with each board component.

After applying another material from the list, the cabinet is immediately rebuilt with the materials of the new style.

The same principle applies to border styles.

Manufacturing Methods:

PolyBoard maintains a list of dynamic manufacturing methods: the manufacturing method determines all the geometric and mechanical rules for assembling the case.

The fabrication method also determines whether the backside will be applied, butt or threaded, defines cut and overlap values, and defines each of the associated fastener types.

Interactive editions:

Once a box is designed using a material style and manufacturing method, double-clicking on a box component will allow you to change its position, material, or borders.

Likewise, double-clicking a step link will allow you to change its hardware.

Tools and equipment:

With each adjustment link, the PolyBoard manufacturing methods associate a hardware type and a positioning rule.

Vertical separation tools (lateral, vertical and vertical) they follow the usual rules for drilling groups such as Type 32.

PolyBoard publishes a global cabinet hardware summary and tool map for each of the cabinet components.


PolyBoards Post_Processor is compatible with most CNC machines.

PolyBoard generates parametric DXF format (colors, line styles and layer names) as well as WoodWop MPR (Weekes), Xilog Plus XXL (SCM), BiesseWorks CID (Rover) formats.

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