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MediaMonkey Gold 5 update download free torrent

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MediaMonkey Gold is a powerful application for organizing and managing a collection of video and audio files. With this program you can not only catalog your media libraries, but also compile them to access files in the most simple and convenient way.

Your player automatically adjusts the volume level so you don’t have to constantly play with the volume controls, and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and displays; or, if you prefer, you can use Winamp as the default player.

MediaMonkey includes a CD ripper, a CD/DVD burner, an audio converter for storing music, and a manual or automatic playlist editor for creating music mixes. It also includes portable audio device synchronization to sync tracks and playlists with your iPod and other portable audio devices.

Features of MediaMonkey Gold 5

Manage over 100,000 music and video files without crashing.

He records CDs and downloads music, movies and podcasts.

Find album art, lyrics and other metadata automatically and tag them intuitively.

Manage any audio/video genre: rock, classic, audiobooks, podcasts, home movies, TV and more.

Wi-Fi Sync with MediaMonkey for Android.

Play MP3 and other audio formats and never worry about changing the volume again.

Create playlists and let DJ Auto Party mode take over your party.

Sync other Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, convert tracks quickly.

Share via DLNA and convert MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AVI and WMV to support most devices.

System requirements and technical details

Compatible operating system: Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7

RAM (memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more


The Death of Stalin 2018 HD download full movie torrent

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EtMovies – High Definition

————————————————— —-

Death from

: ………….: 1869 kb / s
: …………: 1 hour 46 minutes
: ………….: VISUAL MPEG-4
: ………….: 720k384 pk
: ………………….. :: 1
: …………: AC-3
: …………: 384 kb / s
: ………… :: ……….:

Type ……………………….:

# EtMovies: To avoid lies, make sure that every time EtMovies adds playback

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Windows 10 21H2 16in1 MUL38 x64 – Integral Edition 2022.2.14 torrent

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Desktop screenshots and malware scanning:

! //


—————————— oOOo – (_) – oOOo —— ——- – ———–

Windows 10 21H2 16in1 MUL38 x64 – integrated version

For bug reports and questions, visit

=============================================== == = ========================

Windows 10 updates:

* All Windows 10 21H2 x64 updates are included in (February) 2022:

KB890830 – Malicious software removal tool for Windows version

KB2267602 – Security analysis update for Windows Defender antivirus

KB4052623 – Update for Windows Defender antivirus platform, version

4. KB4559309 – Microsoft Edge (Chromium) version.

KB4589212-v2 – Intel Microcode Update for Windows 10 version 21H2.

KB5003791 – Feature Update for Windows 10, Version 21H2 Using Activation Package ().

7. KB5007401 – Critical dynamic update for .NET Framework for Windows 10, version 21H2.

8. KB5008575 – Update on mixed reality resources for Windows 10 version 21H2.

9. KB5009467 – Cumulative update for .NET Framework and Windows 10, version 21H2.

10. KB5009645 – Secure dynamic update for Windows 10 version 21H2.

KB5009647 – Install Dynamic Update for Windows 10 version 21H2.

KB5010342 – Cumulative update for Windows 10, version 21H2 (embedded OS).

Windows 10 runtime libraries:

* DirectX end-user runtime (June 2010) x86 / x64.

* Visual C ++ 2002 x86 redistribution.

* Visual C ++ 2003 x86 Redistributable.

* Visual C ++ 2005 SP1 x86 / x64 Redistributable.

* Visual C ++ 2008 SP1 x86 / x64 Redistributable.

* Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 x86 / x64 Redistributable.

* Visual C ++ Redistributable 2012 Update 5 x86 / x64.

* Visual C ++ Redistributable 2013 Update 5 x86 / x64.

* Visual C ++ redistribution 2015-2022 x86 / x64.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime x86 (SP6 KB2911777, KB2992332).

Windows 10 preconfigured settings:

* .NET Framework = installed.

* OneDrive Auto Install = Off.

* Diagnostic data acquisition = off.

* Show all file extensions = Enabled.

* Show hidden files, folders and devices = enabled.

* Bing Search in the Start menu = Off.

* File progress dialog = detailed.

* Combine taskbar buttons = never.

* Windows theme color = Storm.

* Windows Theme Highlighting = On

* Default browser = Firefox.

* Standard media player = classic media player.

* Default file archive = 7-Zip.

(#) Other applications:

* Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus x86 / x64 (online installer).

* 7-Zip x64 (with some preconfigured settings).

* Mozilla Firefox x64 (with some preconfigured settings).

* K-Lite Codec Pack Full x86 / x64 (with some preconfigured settings).

* OpenHashTab x86 / x64 – Installation system.

* Includes 16 versions of Windows 10 x64 (“Enterprise” has the most features):

Windows 10 Home in Onelanguage

Windows 10 home

Windows 10 Home N

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro for Education

Windows 10 Pro Education No.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations N

Windows 10 Training

Windows 10 EducationN

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise N

Windows 10 Enterprise multisession

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

by Windows 10

INFO on Windows 10 “Editions”: INFO on Windows 10 “N”:

* Includes all (38) complete language packs for Windows 10 (Setup, WinRE, OnDemand): ar-SA, bg-BG, cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, en-GB, en – US, es-ES, es-MX, et-EE, fi-FI, fr-CA, fr-FR, he-IL, hr-HR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, lt -LT, lv-LV, nb-NO, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, ro-RO, ru-RU, sk-SK, sl-SL, sr-LATN-RS, sv-SE, th-TH, tr-TR, uk-UA, zh-CN, zh-TW.

* This Windows 10 has never been in audit mode and has been compiled using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool based on Windows 10 en-US x64 resources.

* All included add-ons can be changed or removed in the ISO Disc ‘folder. Resources $ OEM $ “(Deleting the $ OEM $ folder only integrates KB updates *, except for updates 1 and 4).

* Windows 10 Activator is not included, but there is a text file on the desktop with a direct download link to the running Activator.

* System requirements are (minimum | recommended): 3 GigaHertz x64 processors, 1 | 4 GB RAM, DirectX graphics card 9, 50 | 60 gigabytes of free hard disk space.

* How to reinstall Windows 10:

Create a USB boot drive with a Windows 10 ISO file using a USB utility such as Rufus (), or burn a Windows 10 ISO file to a Blu-ray disc using a Brown program such as CDBurnerXP ().

2. Back up important files on a separate device.

3. To prevent accidental creation of a Windows 10 Online account or account error (Other user), disconnect your computer from the Internet before installation.

4. Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” from the Windows 10 menu.

5. Delete all old Windows partitions and click Install (Be very careful when choosing the right hard drive).

(#) Changes:

* Added DirectX Runtime for x86 / x64 end users (June 2010).

* Added latest Windows 10 21H2 x64 updates from (January) .2022 to (February) .2022: KB5009467 (replaces KB5008876) | KB5009645 (replaces KB5007324) KB5009647 (replaces KB5007402) KB5010342 (replaces KB5009543).

* Updated Security Update for Windows Defender Antivirus (KB2267602) x64 from “to”.

* Windows Defender Antivirus (KB4052623) x64 has been updated from “” to “”.

* Updated Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) x64 from “” to “”.

* Updated Microsoft Edge (Chromium) x64 from “” to “”.

* Updated Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015-2022 Redistributable x86 / x64 from “” to “”.

* Updated online installer for Office 2021 Professional Plus x86 / x64 from “to”.

* Updated Mozilla Firefox x64 from “” to “”.

* Updated K-Lite Full x86 / x64 codec pack to “”


GIMP 2.10.8 for Windows torrent

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GIMP, Windows, OS X, GNU / Linux ve diğer işletim sistemleri için kullanılabilen bir çapraz platform görüntü düzenleyicisidir. Bu ücretsiz bir yazılımdır, kaynak kodunu değiştirebilir ve değişikliklerinizi dağıtabilirsiniz.

GIMP’nin profesyonel bir ortamda kullanıma uygunluğu düzenli olarak kontrol edilir; Adobe Photoshop’un yerine sıklıkla karşılaştırılır ve önerilir. GIMP, Photoshop ile benzer özelliklere sahiptir, ancak farklı bir kullanıcı arayüzüne sahiptir.

İster grafik tasarımcı, fotoğrafçı, illüstratör veya bilim adamı olun, GIMP size işi halletmek için güçlü araçlar sağlar. Birçok özelleştirme seçeneği ve üçüncü taraf eklentileri ile GIMP ile üretkenliğinizi daha da artırabilirsiniz.

………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ………………………….. ………………………….. …………………

Yüksek kaliteli fotoğraf işleme

GIMP, yüksek kaliteli görüntü işleme için gerekli araçları sağlar. Rötuştan restorasyona ve yaratıcı kompozisyonlara kadar tek sınırlama hayal gücünüzdür.

………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ………………………….. ………………………….. …………………

Orijinal sanat eserleri yaratmak

GIMP, sanatçılara görüntüleri gerçekten benzersiz yaratımlara dönüştürme gücü ve esnekliği verir.

………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ………………………….. ………………………….. …………………

Grafik tasarım unsurları

GIMP, UI bileşenleri ve düzenleri için simgeler, grafik tasarım öğeleri ve sanat oluşturmak için kullanılır.

………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………. ………………………….. ………………………….. …………………







Coolutils Total PDF Converter 6 32bit-64bit snuggs Download

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Total PDF Converter is very easy to use thanks to a well-designed interface. Users can trust the pre-defined settings or use their own settings. In addition, registered users have direct access with command line support to enable automatic silent operation in the background. With many options, when converting PDF files, you can also:

Convert PDF multi-page PDF files by turning each page into a separate file.

Add page numbers to extract files from any number (, “6,7,8”).

Total PDF Converter is powerful and flexible when it comes to converting specific formats. With the help of more than 25 different formats, they are neither complex nor difficult to use. Download the free trial version today and take 30 days to review the program without any obligation.

Features of Coolutils Total PDF Converter 6

Convert PDF to Document, Excel, HTML, PS or Text

It also converts PS, EPS, PRN, XPS, OXPS files

Convert PDF to PDF / Group

Total exchange methodology

Convert PostScript to PDF

You can combine PDF files

Add pagination

Add text or images

No need to use Adobe Acrobat

You can provide PDF images

Supports PDF written in many languages

System requirements and technical details

Compatible operating system: Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7

RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Free disk space: 600 MB or more

Total Image Converter converts images into other formats, resizing, resizing and rotating them. Turn large TIFFs into smaller JPEGs, create web-friendly images, or restore old images in unsupported formats: Total Image Converter will do whatever it takes.



Total Image Converter supports a wider list of output file types: PDF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, ICO, GIF, TGA, PXM, PS, PCL! In addition, it converts many rare formats such as PALM, PICT, XPM, FIX.

PDF image

Get clean PDF documents with all the images inside. Easily combine multiple image files into one PDF!

Improve web images

TIC uses 2 image enhancement packaging. Guetzli works well for photography. But it is slow: about 1 minute for each image. If the source is just a screenshot or icon, TIC uses the MozJpeg uploader. That’s 10 times fast. The best part is that the program selects which package to use based on the source file to save time (automatic mode).

Resize image

With Total Image Converter it is very easy to adjust the size of your images or images into categories. Make them suitable for the web or email.

RED Pictures

Total Image Converter supports almost all RAW camera images (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, X3F, RAW, BAY, ORF, NRW, SRF, MRW). Save them as TIFF or JPEG files for easy printing or sharing.

Water marks

Add text tags to the top or bottom to prevent unauthorized use.

Clear interface

The pss interior is clear and simple. An integrated viewing panel allows you to view each file in its full size and data.

Command line

Total Image Converter can be run using the command line (prepare BAT file for use from GUI configuration).

Operating System: Vista +




Ci vediamo venerdì 1995 Italiana Pulisci audio scaricare completo film torrent

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È venerdì Craig Jones (Ice Cube) è disoccupato dopo essere stato licenziato ieri. Ciò ha causato problemi con il fornitore di Smokey (Chris Tuckers), Big Worm (Faizon Love), che ora vuole restituire suoi soldi il suo prodotto, Smokey è un uomo morto. Poi c’è Deebo (Tommy Tiny Lister, Jr.), il bullo locale, più la fidanzata gelosa psicotica di Craigs, Joi (Paula Jai ​​​​Parker) Debbie (Nia Long), la vicina Craig. Possono succedere molte cose se vai in giro per casa il venerdì. concessioni


Microsoft Office 2013 64-Bit torrent download

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Important Note: Microsoft Office 2013 is no longer available because this software directs you to the latest version of Office. You can also get the Premium version and improve your work with Office 365. 2013, you can scroll through the document with your finger by swiping. Major changes have been made to the changes to the documents and they have been expanded to make it easier to edit the documents. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also converts the PDF file without additional software, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Excel2013, the new Fill Flash feature fills the cell with selected cells. Excel analyzes the entire table, identifies connections between cells, and recommends a value or text. Excel also makes it easy to create important tables and charts by commenting in a similar style. With the new Quick Analysis feature in Microsoft Office 2013, you can view different formatting options in a 2013 spreadsheet and divide advertiser status into two different audience and advertiser views. In addition to the presentation, the advertiser’s screen also displays a list of shots and additional information. On tablets, you can switch between slides with your fingers, colors, and stylus to talk on film or use laser virtual view. Email Outlook 2013 now has a tablet buddy and can be viewed as a list of popular sites if you want. Applications that use a smaller Windows 8 size When you use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, you notice that there have been several changes. The popular ribbon bar extends only when needed and has been added to fingertip touch screen management. In addition to images, you can embed video in HTML code in Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus. All applications have the new improved touch screen Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same small tile as Windows 8, and everything looks well formed. There are large, messy images for the most important tasks, while the new models provide a visual image. Conclusion: a circular improvement Office Suite Unfortunately, Office Suite is nothing more than a tablet friend. However, many of the selection features and options are very small because untrained Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus services are more attractive: the PDF editor offers significantly better integration editing options, audio integration with Skydrive, and extensions such as YouTube embedding. , it’s great creativity. If you are looking for an affordable option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always check out WPS Office


Windows 10 X64 10in1 2004 OEM ESD pt-BR JUNE 2020 {Gen2} Torrent Baixar

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* Windows 10 X64 10in1 OEM ESD pt-BR junho de 2020

* Build versão 2004

* Arquivo:

* Tamanho: 5,45 GB

* Formato: ISO inicializável

* CRC32: 248f8170

* MD5: 15c8461ac513071e2a1d37b2d45acb99

* SHA-1: dd4a711e81e3883fb29a638ce1e142750c4ecd55

Integrado / pré-instalado:

* Atualização da pilha de serviço:

* KB4560366

* Atualizações agregadas:

* KB4557957

*. NET Framework

* Atualização de segurança do Flash Player:

* KB4561600

Concluir / após a configuração:

* Atualização do Defender


* Windows 10 Home – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Windows 10 Pro – – – – – STD / DLA / OEM

* Education Windows 10 – STD / DLA

* Windows 10 Enterprise – STD / DLA

* STD = configuração padrão – para aqueles que têm sua própria chave de licença

* DLA = Ativação de Licença Digital (HWID)

* OEM – é ativado automaticamente durante a instalação

* a mesma versão no equipamento original

* Pronto para UEFI

* (Baixe UEFI usando a ferramenta Rufus USB incluída)

* Ferramenta de diagnóstico recuperação (Microsoft DaRT)

* compactado para formato de recuperação ()

* Faça um USB inicializável (altamente recomendado) com Rufus,

* (fornecido) ou gravar em DVD-DL em velocidade lenta.

* Windows_Addict, script de autorização para ativação do Windows

* Espero que gostem deste post!

* Cumprimentos,

* Geração 2

Windows 10 X64 Pro 21H2, incluindo Office 2019 EUA, setembro de 2021

Versão 21H2 Build

* Arquivo:

* Tamanho: 5,00 GB

* Formato: ISO inicializável

* CRC32: b7a8ee19

* MD5: d350a39c4fcfb34f7f7ea5b82746839f

* SHA-1: db9bb8d128479b85cd0ed10ad90cc93fc8973a1b

Integrado / pré-instalado:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64 bits

* Pilha de serviço:


* Atualizações agregadas:

* KB5005033

* NET Framework

* Atualizações agregadas para

* NET Framework e:

* KB5004331


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Ativador: HWID Internet -KMS

* Pronto para UEFI

* (Baixe UEFI usando a ferramenta Rufus USB incluída)

* Kit de ferramentas de diagnóstico recuperação (apenas)

* compactado para formato de recuperação ()

* Faça um USB inicializável (altamente recomendado) com Rufus,

* (fornecido) ou gravar em DVD-DL em baixa velocidade.

* Windows_Addict, script de autorização para ativação do Windows

* Esperovocê vai gostar desse post!

* Cumprimentos,

* Geração 2


Realtek HD Audio Drivers x64 torrent download

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Basic free sound drivers Realtek HD X64 Audio Drivers are free drivers that allow you to listen to high quality sound on 64-bit compatible computers. This is an essential device that will change the way you hear the sound on your computer, but it is not always easy to install, manage or even find. However, if your computer supports Realtek audio, you will want to access drivers that are not always easy to manage. Drivers are essentially software parts that allow other types of software to communicate with computer hardware. They affect different aspects, so you may have one set of drivers that talk to keyboard drivers, another that talks to video drivers, and a third that talks to audio settings, and so on. You need to keep them up to date to make sure that “they work effectively so you can consider downloading Realtek Audio (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Driver Download and Installation Realtek HD Audio drivers are known to be unpredictable to download and install. If you’re lucky, the whole process will be relatively easy – download, open and follow the installation wizard. Even in the best cases, this takes some time: the old drivers must be uninstalled and the computer must be restarted, the new ones must be installed, and the computer must be restarted. As a user, you will have relatively little work to do, but you need to let it play for a while. If you’re unlucky, your computer will use this time to install other updates, which further slows down the process. Interacting with Realtek drivers Depending on your computer, interacting with your drivers will be more or less simple. Some users may use an application from the Windows Store called the Realtek Audio Console. Others will need to interact with drivers by accessing Realtek program files and opening RtkNGUI64, while morepeople will need to access the Realtek Audio HD manager through the control panel. This variety of options is confusing, and the fact that it’s hard to know which one will work for you means that only users who are very interested in your audio setup will be bothered to follow it to the end. Changing the audio settings If you have access to a graphical interface for your Realtek HD audio controllers, you probably have access to several options related to the way you listen to music. You will most likely be able to edit the recording and playback options. For the speakers, you can configure where the sound comes from (left or right speaker) and how loud it is. You can also select standard playback formats for both CDs and DVDs, between 16 and 24-bit, and then listen to the settings of your choice. As for the recording options, you can also adjust the left / right balance and activate or deactivate far field reception (this allows your voice to be picked up from the microphone, even if you are not directly in front of it) or deactivate the effect. . Another available option is to use the microphone with different levels of decibels to improve your voice when recording. Finally, you can click on an info icon where you will see complete information about their drivers, including: DirectX audio driver version Audio driver version Audio codec Language Some users also report that they have a sound effects section that gives you a long list of effects available. with volume equalization to reduce perceived volume differences There are several options to enhance the speaker / headphones with different effects. You can also use a natural equalizer and voice suppression function to adjust the sound effect to the level that suits you best. Why Drivers Are Sophisticated Realtek HD Audio drivers are known asa little complicated. The main reason for this is that it is very difficult to predict exactly what, if any, will appear on your computer. Not only are there different ways you can interact with the software, even if you have a specific GUI, but you can also enable or disable different options depending on the computer you’re working on, this app will enhance your audio experience. doubt that Realtek HD Audio Drivers X64 will really improve your audio experience on a 64-bit Windows computer; We wish it wasn’t so cumbersome to use! Unfortunately, if you want your audio devices to be in excellent condition (and you want to have some control over how they work), you have no choice but to dive in and see what and where you can access and change. For the rest of us, editing Realtek HD audio drivers will seem like a very tedious step. If you think it’s you, ignore them and keep your fingers crossed, your audio will never cause you any problems. You can be lucky and completely avoid confusing the driver. What’s new? The latest version of these drivers updates PCIe FE / GBE 10028 to version 10034 for Windows 10.